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Steven Graham, 107.7 The End

"A modern bit of AM radio gold." 
Impose Magazine

"There has never been a shortage of rock and roll bands, but it's safe to say there is a shortage of bands taking a fresh approach to the genre at this point in time. Seattle quintet Smokey Brights, on the other hand, are doing exactly that." 
Glide Magazine

"Smokey Brights is a sumptuous five-piece plays rock in its truest, most classic form. Don’t mistake that as synonymous with middle-of-the-road rock, however, because Smokey Brights is anything but. Equal parts crunchy and polished, classic and psychedelic, Smokey Brights’ brand of rock is one that many likely thought was extinct, especially in Seattle."
Culture Magazine

"In the current rock world only a few number of bands have the unconventional art of doing something different and fresh, that pushes the listener to the limit and create that strange and rare feeling of having something really genuine and raw. Seattle quintet Smokey Brights, on the other hand, are one of ."
Music & Riots Magazine

"Smokey Brights music is off the charts something else. It’s jagged, upbeat rock and sexy, sad seventies that will turn, without warning, into a skittering, psychedelic, crushing crescendo climax. And that’s just scraping the surface. There are so many disparate levels of awesome happening within this band that if you listen, and then listen again, you just might begin to understand exactly what Smokey Brights are telling you."
Sean De ToreMy Northwest

"Starting off with a bang – and a catchy, hip-swaying beat – with the song 'In Demand,' Hot Candy seems to teeter on the edge of indie rock and pop, with a hint of vintage appeal. At times reminding us of our favorite 80’s rock music – heavy in gnarly guitar riffs and synth - Hot Candy travels through slow, vibey tracks ('Desiree,' 'Clumsy Mirror') with stunning finesse and rips through intense, impression-making tracks ('Not Enough Time,' 'Baby Bigshot,' 'Ugly Evergreen') like there’s no tomorrow. Smokey Brights wraps the album with an ethereal, reverb-ridden, intricate narrative with 'Stickman,' and we’re left wanting more."
Impose Magazine

"Smokey Brights isn't interested in sounding slick or pretending to be perfect. Their sound is a warm combination of charmingly lo-fi and charmingly retro; they're willing to go simple and DIY, crank up the psychedelics or maybe play with '60s spy-movie tones just for the fun of it. They're about finding ways to enjoy the ride and remembering we're all in it together." 
That Music Magazine

"Hailing from Seattle, Smokey Brights exist at the angle where pealing bells meet rock drawl. It's neither sentimental nor intellectual. It is, in short, sublime. More than once the voices of four out of the five members could be heard in harmony, eyes dreamy and chins tilted towards the heavens. Apart from the drummer, they were as like a choir or band comprising four frontmen, all exuding the same hue of spiritual rigor, at times willing out in body convulsions when tensions in the song were at a mount. This band, at least for the night, was convinced that rock n' roll might very well be that that saves us from the dark mouth of time."
Jordan Deveraux, SLUG Magazine


SXSW Official Showcasing Artist, 2019

Treefort Music Fest Official Showcasing Artist, 2019

SXSW Official Showcasing Artist, 2018

Treefort Music Fest Official Showcasing Artist, 2018

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